Ketut Liyer – Light Healer

I recently traveled to Bali with one objective in mind. To find my life’s purpose!

If anyone knew my life’s purpose it was surely Ketut Liyer. The man of legend, the locals spoke of him with reverence and respect. He became world famous after featuring heavily in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ which was turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts and directed by Brad Pitt. If anyone knew my life’s purpose then surely it would be Ketut Liyer.

“You are destined to be a healer like me,” I imagined him saying. “Your purpose is to bring peace to the world,” he said in my mind as we made the short trip by motorbike from Ubud.

A hand written sign on a street corner pointed us in the right direction. “Ketut Liyer Healer” was all it said and an arrow pointing around the corner.

As we rounded the corner I saw an old man standing outside his house. He walked straight over and greeted us like old friends. “I’m very happy to meet you,” he said with such endearing infliction in his voice and such energy that we couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear. “Come inside I will read your palm.”

Ketut began singing a song in Japanese and suddenly I was filled with a sense of calm. Just being around this man was filling me with a profound sense of joy. His vitality and energy were astounding.

We came and sat on his porch while he adjusted a fan. Just to make sure we didn’t get hot. He then proceeded to read our face, palm, back and knees. My heart sunk. It was clear that this was a well rehearsed recital. He’d given the same reading to hundreds of people. I was devastated. I had traveled all the way here. Couldn’t he see he was part of my journey? Wasn’t he going to miraculously point me down the right path?

I summonsed my courage and asked very seriously, “Ketut I have come here to find my life’s purpose.”

He looked me straight in the eye and burst into laughter. “Your life purpose?” he questioned as he burst into laughter. “You ask an old man like me your life purpose? You are very smart,” he said. “You can figure it out. Hahaha,” he laughed. “I have to make pee now very sorry. You understand pee?”

“Yes Ketut,” I said. “We understand pee.” And with that he shuffled off and was gone.

That’s when I decided, there was something to learn here. No one could tell me my life’s purpose. It was only through the journey of self discovery and inner reflection that I was able to discover it for myself.

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