Health Reforms? They’re making me sick!

With all the talk of Kevin Rudd’s health reforms it has got me thinking and I apologize in advance as I realize these comments will offend people.

I just wondered Why don’t  we spend all that money on closing hospital beds instead of opening more?

What if we started to focus on health rather than sickness?

What if instead of all that money going to pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest in discovering more disease and more ailments, we invested that money in providing our population with fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains.

We continue to allow pharmaceutical companies to bully and scare us and then we PAY them to poison our bodies. Why?

What if we put all that money into programs that focused on unprocessed diets, moderate exercise, getting more sunshine in our lives, having loving relationships and living lives of passion.

How much time would we have left in our lives for disease then?

What if instead of Sickness Reforms we actually had Health Reforms?

Bradley Stuart


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