No Purpose? Where is your focus

Just a little story I thought I’d share about focus.

I hear a lot about focus and always thought to myself “What does it mean” I mean what do I do? Does it mean I just have to stick to the same task day in day out?

Does it mean hard work with no breaks and intense discipline? Does it mean sticking with the same plan even if it’s not working?

Well this story made focus a little clearer for me and hopefully for you too.

There once was a great king. And this great king had a vision, a vision of a grand temple to honor his god. A temple so big it would take 100 hundred years to complete. So he gathered together the best stone cutters in the land and he sent them to work. Eventually the great king died and his son took up his legacy. And then the son died and his son took up the legacy. The workers too, died and in turn their sons worked on the temple too.

One day a man from a distant land passed through and saw all the work. He approached a disgruntled and stern man and asked “excuse me sir but what are you doing here?”

“Well, I’m a stone cutter” The man replied. “My Father was a stone cutter, his Father was a stone cutter and eventually my son he too, will cut stone”.

The man continued a short way until he saw another stone cutter, but something was different. This man was joyous and his work was immaculate.

“Excuse me sir” he asked “But why is it that your work is so much better than the other stone cutters?”

“Oh you’re mistaken sir” The man replied with a smile.

“I’m not a stone cutter. I’m a temple builder. My Father was a temple builder, his Father was a temple builder and if he’s lucky my son will be a temple builder” He beamed and then was quickly back to work.

That little story made things a little clearer in my life and I hope it has the same effect for you in your life.

Until next time, all the best. And live life joyously!

Bradley Backhouse is a life coach and entrepreneur. For amazing results in your life head to


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