My Story!

Not all that long a go I was wasting my life!

Just going through the motions. I thought there was somewhere to get to!

I was a cook but that wasn’t enough so I became a manager but that didn’t satisfy me. So then I bought a restaurant. Ah finally now i was satisfied………for a while.

But business ownership still wasn’t bringing me the “fulfillment” I thought I deserved “ok ok so i know”  I need more right?. So I bought another restaurant.

So now I had 2 restaurants and things were great. I had respect from friends and family and I was living in a 56th floor penthouse apartment.

But I had one big problem. I was stressed out of my brain!!

I was so stressed that I barely spoke to my wife and when I did I was angry and berating. Finally she walked out. (Can you blame her?)

The last thing she said to me was ” A man who fails at marriage, fails at everything”

This stuck in my head like a broken record playing over and over. I was even more stressed. So I started drinking. Then I started drinking more and as I continued drinking my restaurants started sliding downhill. (how did this happen?)

As my sales declined my stress increased I was yelling at my staff and rude to my customers. Within a year my restaurants were closed, I was single. I was fat and sick all the time. I was so anxious that I spent days in my house with blinds pulled and my phone turned off scared to face the world. Then (In what couldn’t be described as my finest moment) I ran away.I packed up, changed numbers and moved to another city away from nagging creditors.

How did this happen? To me?

I asked myself over and over (obvious in retrospect right?).

I got a job installing insulation (not a pleasant job) and some weeks was earning as little as $200. I felt like a failure. I convinced myself that i’d had the break of a lifetime and I’d blown it.

I slept on the floor (couldn’t afford a bed) of a run down old house, had a killer hangover most of the time and what’s worse I’d been hit by a car while I was drunk, hadn’t turned up to work and was almost fired.

Over and over in my head was her voice “you’ll fail at everything” and here I was a failure. That’s when it occurred to me….I’d created this. All of this!.

My thoughts were creating my reality.

So what if I just changed my thoughts? What if the voice in my head said “You’ll succeed at everything you try”.(tried this one? not so simple right?)

I mean affirmations were one thing, and don’t get me wrong they led me in the right direction but it’s one thing to say it in your head and it’s another thing to believe it. Especially when the circumstances are saying other wise.

I started to get curios and I began to research and read books like The Secret and The Alchemist and attend self help and motivation and NLP courses. And my life changed for the better but my results were short term and there was still something missing. A step by step method to create results in my life.

I knew I was on the right track but it was almost like I was getting too much information at once. After I attended one course I’d apply aspects of it to my life but by the time I’d see results I’d forgotten other aspects of the course. Or even worse the circumstances got the better of me and soon enough I was back in my old habits. Does this sound familiar?

That was until I discovered 2 things. The first was Leonardo Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of Living. The Second was the power of having a coach.

With the help of some great mentors I developed a unique program based around Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of living. What I discovered was that by adopting one principle a week my life started to fit together. To just work!

I then started to see amazing and rapid results in my life.This system is now creating amazing breakthrough’s in my clients

The course  combines all I’ve learned from self help,  NLP, Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction with Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of living and then delivered in a one-on -one coaching session over a period of 2 months to guarantee results in your life.

These days I’m well on my way to financial freedom (and I’ll never have to work for someone else again), I have an upset and stress free life and I have great relationships. I’m not perfect (nor do I strive to be) but now the problems in my life are worthy problems and most of all I live a life of passion and I live a life that I love!!!


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