Life Coaching Based on Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of Living

In my unique program:

The Shift based on Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of Living

You will learn how I :

Lost 13 kg in just 6 weeks!

And kept the weight off permanently. I went from a couch potato to running up to 20km’s a day.

Repaired Damaged Relationships

Learn how I cleaned up my mistakes of the past so they don’t repeat in my future.

Overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol

Without re-hab programs or without counting the days I’ve been “clean”

Am achieving financial freedom

I’ll tell you the secrets to the “work from home trend”, what to avoid and how to make it really work.

But by far the number one result you will get from my program:

How to live a life of passion and live a life that you love!

Can you imagine jumping out of bed every morning eager to meet the new day? (I do!)

Can you imagine going to bed every night like a kid on christmas eve, excited with anticipation for the day ahead?

And can you imagine feeling this way NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES?

What could you achieve if you had no limits?

What would you do if you had full self expression and no fear of failure?

Well I’m here to tell you that anything you want for your life is available to you!

The Shift is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of living.

Da Vinci is widely considered as the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. His range of talents were honed through years of practice and observation and the principles by which he lived his life were his legacy, his gift to the world.

His approach to life is characterized by an intense and insatiable curiosity and this thirst for knowledge is in fact his first principle of living. (Knowing that it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to discover the other six, right?) I won’t be that mean! You’re already curious enough to make it this far.

Da Vinci’s 7 Principles of Living:


In this module you will begin to get curious about your life and the world in which we live. Participants see breakthrough results in their perception as we deconstruct the language that creates our lives and look closely to see what is real and what is simply a construct of our imagination. The truth may shock you.

Testing of knowledge through experience and a willingness to make mistakes

In this module we begin to take action and breakthrough our fears of failure. We powerfully create goals as participants learn to fall in love the process that brings to their success.

The Refinement of the Senses

Participants love this module as they deepen their appreciation of the world around them by developing their senses.

Embracing Uncertainty

We focus on the uncertainty of life and look at our often futile attempts to control every aspect of our lives. True freedom comes when we surrender to ambiguity.

Whole brain thinking

This module marries art and science as we look at the restrictions we place on our lives based on our hemisphere of thinking. Participants powerfully create new futures without the restraints of their left or right brain thinking

Grace, poise and fitness

We look at what drives and motivates us in terms of our fitness and health. Fitness goals are quickly realised as we take a wholistic approach excercising the mind body and soul. We explore the idea of a disease free existence


This module links the entire program together as participants realise the importance of balance in their life.

With my system the shift you will discover how to:

* Achieve a life balance

Too often these days we focus on one area of our life at the expense of fulfillment in other areas. For example our career at the expense of our health, or our spirituality at the expense of our career. But what if you could have it all?

* Become fully self expressed

People list public speaking as their number one fear. But what if you could be comfortable and confident in any situation. What if you were fully self expressed and could deliver clearly your message to the world. What difference would that make in your life?

Deconstruct your “self talk”

We focus heavily on your “self talk” and release the grip of your hidden inner blocks. Free you from the constraints of the past and create a powerful new future.

* Rapidly improve your self esteem

Discover how what you think of your self creates the circumstances of your life. Quickly and effectively learn how to create empowering circumstances in your life

* Get rid of stress, worry and anxiety forever

Without drugs or years of counseling. I was so anxious at times I often wouldn’t leave my room for days until I discovered one little secret that changed my life.

* And You’ll discover what they’re not teaching your kids at school

Find out what your kids are missing at school that will leave them ill-equiped to deal with “real” world of the future

To find out more head to


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